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On: Snowflakes

I’ve been seeing a lot of people lately calling liberals “snowflakes” (I’m looking at you Tomi Lahren). They’re using the term to mean someone fragile (get their feelings hurt easily), and also someone who thinks they’re special and unique, that they should get special privileges and not have to follow the rules everyone else lives by. The thing I can’t get over is that the definition of the term “snowflake” seems to apply more to the conservatives using it than those they’re using it on.

A quick disclaimer: Though I definitely lean more liberal, I do not associate with any political party. I don’t agree 100% with any party’s platform and prefer to make my choices on a candidate by candidate basis rather than voting down party lines just because someone associates with the same party I do. Okay, now back to my rant.

These conservatives throwing around the word “snowflake” seem more fragile, and get their feelings hurt more easily, than most liberals I know. Just mention the words “gun control” to one of them and see what happens, they’ll completely shut down and refuse to talk about it, to even hear your point of view or make any sort of compromise. They also think that if they don’t believe in something, then making it legal for other people to do said thing is an infringement on their rights. Need examples? Gay marriage, abortion, transgender people in bathrooms, kneeling during the anthem, need I go on? Each one of these topics could be a blog post of its own, and probably will be if you give me enough time. Oh, and one last thing, don’t say “happy holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas” to one of these snowflakes unless you want a peppermint mocha thrown in your face (actually, do liberals or conservatives drink more peppermint mochas? Maybe those cross party lines).

No one thinks they’re more special and unique than those who toss around the term “snowflake.” Oh, every other industrialized nation has some sort of mandatory paid maternity leave and national healthcare system besides the United States? Other countries have successfully implemented gun control policies and have seen gun violence decrease drastically?  Well, we’re a special country with unique circumstances, so obviously those things wouldn’t work here.

The people being called snowflakes are just fighting to be treated equally, not to be special or different. They want to not be shot at for wearing a hoodie and have half the country thinks it’s perfectly fine. To be able to live and work freely, and be treated fairly for their contributions. To be able to get an education no matter who their parents are, and to not have to work multiple jobs just to provide for their families. On the other hand, the people who are calling them snowflakes are up in arms at the mere mention of removing a tax break that only benefits those with high incomes. They want to be able to utilize public resources to make millions of dollars (using up water, polluting the air, using public roads and infrastructure), but not admit that they are essentially getting a handout, which they are so against for other people.

So from now on, when I hear someone calling people like me a “snowflake,” I will just assume they’re confused by the meaning of the term and take it as a compliment.


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