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On: Playing Catch Up

I’ve come to realize that in life there are some things you can “catch up” on, and some things you can’t. Things you can catch up on are those which you can kind of let go for a little while, but if you spend a good chunk of time making up for it, you’ll end up at basically the same place as if you hadn’t let go of it for a while.

As an example, you can easily catch up on a TV show. If I’ve been busy and not watching a lot of TV and all my friends have finished the new season of Stranger Things before me, I can easily spend a weekend binge watching Netflix, watch the entire season, and be caught up with all of my friends. And probably buy a Brontosaurus hoodie while I’m at it.

I can catch up on cleaning the house. Again, if I’m super busy all week and have totally slacked on cleaning up, I can make up for it over the weekend and my house will be just as clean as if I would have kept up with it all week. This is assuming I still have clean underwear and don’t mind occasionally eating off paper plates, but we do what we have to do. The modified version that usually happens in my house is throwing in a load of laundry mid-week to wash the essentials, and then they lay in a big pile of clean clothes until we put them away that weekend, or the next. We also have house cleaners that come every other week, which helps with the big stuff. Except we’re always scrambling around cleaning the night before they come! It seems odd, but I don’t want them having to wade through laundry Everest in order to vacuum my floors.

Another thing I can catch up on is this blog. Sure, I can’t go backwards and make up for the weeks I didn’t post (sorry, I know that’s been a real dark spot in all of your lives). But I can sit down for a few hours one day and write a bunch of posts and schedule them to post regularly for the next month or two. In fact, I really should do that one!

Work is another thing that can generally be caught up on. If I have to take a day off for a sick kid or to attend a seminar, I can catch up on that really important project by staying late a couple of days or working on the weekend. This only works for so long, though. If I’m out for a full week or more, I will have to find someone to cover for my duties while I’m out or it could be insurmountable. But planning ahead is key (if possible, and it’s not because I broke a leg or had one of those I didn’t know I was pregnant things and I’m suddenly out for 12 weeks).

That all sounds really great! I love being able to catch up on things. Less pressure, less stress, it will all get done, it will all be okay. Y’all know by now nothing in life is that simple, right? So, what things can you not catch up on?

Exercise. Sure, if you miss a day on the regimen you can make up for it by doing a double the following day. But if you don’t work out all week (or for several weeks, like yours truly here) you physically can’t make up for it. Sure, you could kill yourself making up the hours you missed during the week, but your form will suffer, you may injure yourself, and you won’t see the same results as you would with a consistent fitness routine.

Eating Right. This is a similar premise as exercise, if you eat junk all weekend, you can’t make it up by barely eating during the week (or vice versa). You could try to even out the calories, but your body isn’t going to appreciate eating bacon cheeseburgers for 72 hours straight and salads for the next several days, our bodies need consistent nutrition to perform at their best. It’s true, most diet plans allow for a cheat meal or two every week, but non recommend several days of eating poorly, followed by an extreme calorie deficit. You just can’t make up for a binge weekend. That isn’t to say you shouldn’t get your eating back on track, it’s just that the goal should be to get on track with your nutrition, not deprive yourself because you ate too much the few days before. This is another one I need to take my own advice on.

Sleep. Again, if you have a rager and stay up until 11pm one night (Is that not late for everyone? Okay, let’s say 3am then), you can take a nap the next day or go to bed a bit early and you’ll probably feel pretty normal the following day. But if you’re consistently getting only a few hours of sleep each night, you can’t just sleep the whole weekend and make up for it. It will probably just leave you feeling groggy and disoriented. And if you are able to sleep all weekend, would you like a couple of little girls to keep you occupied so I can get a nap in? The exception to this one is college students. They’re the magical beings that can run on very little sleep, Redbull, and Natty Light and still function relatively well. We really should spend more time studying how they do it.

I’m sure I could go on forever talking about things that you can and can’t catch up on. I have seriously thought about it a lot. But this seems like a pretty complete list. Is there something you would add to my list, or do you have a different opinion about something I did write about? I would love to hear from you!


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