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On: Parking Far Away

This week began my November challenge of making small, everyday changes to impact my life in a positive way. One of the changes I made is parking far from the entrance. You know what I’ve learned by doing that for a week? You’ll always find a good parking spot if the one you’re looking for is the one everyone else is trying to avoid!

This has actually been more pleasant than I thought it would be. It reduces stress, you just pull into a parking lot and park, rather than driving up and down the isles looking for a spot that’s a few feet closer. No rushing to a spot only to have it taken by some jerk in a sports car. No getting excited about a great spot just to find out it’s actually taken by a motorcycle or smart car or some equally annoying tiny, overly fuel efficient vehicle.

You will most likely get to your destination quicker, as the extra 30 seconds it takes you to walk to the entrance pales in comparison to the 10 minutes you wait for someone to load up their shopping cart full of purchases into their trunk and their five children into their car seats. Or, more accurately, wait for the person in front of you to wait for that person to finish loading up (am I the only person who this happens to all the time??). And, that extra time it does take you to get to the door isn’t spent being frustrated about the parking situation, it’s spent taking a stroll and enjoying the great outdoors, or walking and looking at your phone as you narrowly miss getting hit by a car. Not that I’ve ever had that experience…

Overall, I’ve enjoyed this part of the November challenge. Though there have been a few days where the weather has made me question why I chose to do this in the winter!!

In case you’re wondering how the rest of my challenge is going, I’ll give a quick update. I’ve taken the stairs every day at work, one day I almost forgot but a coworker said something as we were waiting for the elevator together. Way to keep me honest, guys! The water and posture parts of the challenge have definitely been more difficult. I will try to concentrate on them more this week and hopefully see positive results.

Are you guys back of the lot parkers, or find a close spot at all costs? I suggest trying to park farther for a week or more and see how you like it!


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  1. Michele says:

    This is awesome! I totally agree with the less stress of parking far away. This is similar for why I choose to come to work early and avoid the 7:45-8 rush of traffic. If I can give up 20 minutes of sleep and avoid the stress and frustration of dealing with 800 people that don’t know how to drive, why wouldn’t I?

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