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Sugar Detox: Week Four Update

Week four on the sugar detox was pretty uneventful. Things seemed to go a little smoother this week (other than the breakdown that led to the pretty emotional week three update on Monday). I don’t think it’s because I added back Shakeology and protein powder this week, because I didn’t even drink them much since I limited it to after I worked out and only worked out three times. To be fair, that is three more times than I worked out the rest of the weeks, so I probably shouldn’t feel so bad. Maybe that’s also why I was in a better mood… anyway, I’m still planning to work out this week, my goal is at least FOUR times, lol. Hopefully the good mood vibes keep coming.

Part of it was probably that I didn’t have as many temptations this week as I did last week, which definitely helped my sanity. I also still didn’t really lose any weight this week, but somehow it’s not affecting me as much as it did in prior weeks. Ask me again next week and it might be a different story.

One thing I will say about adding back the Shakeology is that if you mix it with some milk and a frozen banana, it’s just like drinking a chocolate milkshake! I also love adding in peanut flour  to make it like a peanut butter cup shake without the added fat of real peanut butter. Yummmmm!! You’d think I would want to work out every day just to drink that shake!

I’m so excited this week to add back in natural sweeteners like maple syrup, honey, and nut butters. I made banana muffins yesterday that called for honey instead of sugar. I didn’t add in chocolate chips like the recipe calls for since that doesn’t really fit the parameters of this week, but mostly because I didn’t have any chocolate chips in the house. They are so delicious and easy to make, this will definitely become a go-to recipe for me!

I’m looking forward to other things I can make this week, there are so many recipes out there, whether it’s energy balls, homemade granola bars, or even maple glazed almonds (I think I’m going to try that one tonight). There seems to be an endless supply of recipes that can satisfy your sweet tooth without adding in refined sugars. I will definitely share other recipes I make with you guys.


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