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Sugar Detox: Week Three Update

Guys, I hit the wall HARD this week. I still didn’t cheat, but motivation and morale are at an all time low. It definitely didn’t help that I’ve barely lost any weight since the first week. I am making myself completely miserable, denying my constant cravings, and for what? Seemingly nothing. But, I’m still holding onto the grain of hope that since I kept from cheating, maybe I really am building those new habits and growing my willpower, which was the real goal of this challenge.

It’s definitely not that my cravings are going away, I am still as tempted as ever to eat sugar, I think my power to say no just goes up every time I have to resist, which I had to do a LOT this week. Starting with the delicious triple chocolate cake that someone brought in for my coworkers birthday, and then the donut bar that was at a work celebration that night (and donuts are definitely a weakness of mine). Then Friday night I went to a big event with a tent FULL of desserts, including a s’mores bar! Saturday at our tailgate for the K-State football game someone brought the most thick and gooey brownies you’ve ever seen, my husband and daughter shared some powercat corn (the most delicious purple and white kettle corn you’ve ever tasted) and somehow we ended up going home with cookies someone else brought to the tailgate. I would have eaten the heck out of all those things before the sugar challenge, but I was barely tempted to cheat and eat them last week, which is showing some progress, right??

Last week I added back in yogurt and granola. Seems super random when I actually think about it, but this challenge was tailored just for me, and fruit, yogurt, and granola is one of the healthy snacks I would often have to satisfy my sweet tooth when I was being good, so I added it back in fairly early. If you decide to do your own sugar challenge, it would be a good idea to customize this week with something personal to you. I feel the need to point out now that I am not even close to a medical professional or nutritionist, I’m just winging it over here, so follow at your own risk!

I decided to take this week a step further and try out a new granola recipe with no sugar in it, and use plain nonfat greek yogurt. Both things were a big mistake. First, when I was making the recipe I thought, huh, a tablespoon of cinnamon seems like a TON for a granola recipe, but instead of listening to my own judgment, I went ahead and used a tablespoon of cinnamon. Let me tell you, that was like TWO TONS of cinnamon! I might try making that recipe again sometime with a normal amount of cinnamon, but for now I’m kind of scarred.

So, Monday afternoon I get out my snack and can barely choke it down. The plain yogurt is so sour, and I can’t tell if the bites with more granola are better or worse because of the insane amount of cinnamon. Monday I did not finish my snack, I threw away almost half of it. Not one to be easily deterred, I tried again on Tuesday with less yogurt, I figured with less of the sour stuff it would be better. Well it was, and I finished it that day, but it still wasn’t good, and definitely didn’t come close to satisfying a craving for sweets.

Wednesday I broke down and went to Dillons and bought some of my regular yogurt (Light & Fit Greek) and when I looked at the label, it turns out that yogurt isn’t bad in the sugar department, only having 6-7 grams per serving (the plain stuff has 3 grams, and the comparable nonfat greek yogurt has 15!). Then, I found a baggie of the last granola recipe I had made and mixed it in with the three baggies I had of the cinnamon overload granola I still had. Let me tell you, my fruit, yogurt, and granola snack that day was the best thing I’ve eaten in three weeks!!

So, this week I add in protein powder and Shakeology. The thought behind adding these in is that the Shakeology has great nutrition, and the protein powder supplies the protein I need to recover from a workout, so it’s worth adding back that sweet taste. The problem is, I haven’t been working out regularly. So tonight I decided that after I got the baby to bed I would do a 30 minute workout video. The baby had other ideas, though, and did not want to go to sleep tonight! So, after the millionth try, and breaking down while rocking her and begging her to go to sleep, I gave her to my husband and pushed play.

Now I just have to keep that up, working out most days and pushing play when everything seems to be working against it.  Hopefully that will increase my weight loss results, but I’m confident it will increase my energy and my outlook on this whole thing.


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  1. Jenny says:

    Congrats! Keep resisting, you’ll get there. To bad we aren’t still coworkers. My Cinnamon or French Vanilla Stevia might have helped your yogurt. LOL!

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