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On: Selfies

I think selfies often get a bad rap. Sure, some people abuse it with constant duckface photos clogging up your news feed, but you know what? They are looking good and feeling confident and want to share a picture of themselves with the world, so I say go for it! While I try to stay away from duckface, there are many reasons why I’ve come to appreciate selfies over the years.

You can take a picture anytime, anywhere. No asking a random stranger to take your picture and then worrying that they’ll run off with your camera or phone. There have even been times when a random stranger has seen me taking a selfie and asked if they could take my picture I declined because a selfie is the look I was going for (or accepted their offer and then took the a selfie afterward, anyway). Not sure if that’s a sign that society has evolved or devolved. Depends on how you look at it, I guess.

Everyone can be in the picture. No more deciding who the least important friend or family member is so they can take the picture rather than be in it. And with the invention of the selfie stick, even large groups can all be in a picture together! Selfie stick: great invention, or greatest invention?

It’s more flattering. As long as I hold the phone at just the right angle, and push my tongue up to the roof of my mouth to conceal that double chin, I look great in selfies! You can also use it as a mirror to fix those flyaway hairs or put on lipstick before snapping the photo. Also, selfies only show my face, so my thunder thighs and belly that never quite went back to normal after having my babies aren’t in the frame.

Moms can get in the picture. Moms have a reputation for always being behind the camera and never being in the pictures, leading many to question years later if she was even actually there at all. Well, with selfies, moms can be behind the camera and in front of the camera! Most of the selfies I take are with my kids, I rarely took them before I was a mom.

I literally had a breakdown driving home from my parents’ house on my daughter’s first Easter. I was looking through all the pictures I had taken on my phone and asked my husband if he had taken any of me. He said no, that he was busy enjoying himself (typical guy response, right?). I texted my mom and my sister in law, and neither of them had any pictures with me in them either. So when we got home, my husband took a picture of me holding our daughter in front of our house. I still get sad when I look at that one posed picture of me taken after the fact, compared to all the candid pictures of him and the kids and everyone else having fun that day.

My husband never got better about taking my picture (and let’s be honest, guys don’t take very flattering pictures anyway) so instead, I just became better about taking pictures of myself with the kids. Sure, they’re still posed, and it’s hard to get context or background at such a close range, but at least the photos exist! And I will have pictures of me with the kids to look back on to prove I was there.


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