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Sugar Detox: Week One Update

I survived week one of the sugar detox!! I can only describe it as a struggle. I’m sure my husband and friends were questioning how old I am, because I was definitely acting like a child at some points. I would ask my husband almost daily if I could have some cookies šŸ™‚ luckily he loves me enough to say no and keep me on track.

I definitely think I would have eaten better if I would have kept fruit in for the first week. Because I didn’t set any rules or restrictions other than no sweets, I ate a lot of white cheddar Cheez Its (the king of the Cheez It world, IMHO) often when what I was really craving was an apple! I know it sounds completely backwards, and it felt backwards as I was doing it, but I really think it will accomplish my goal of resetting my taste buds and making me not crave super sweet stuff as much. Let me tell you, the watermelon I had at breakfast and the strawberries I’m eating for “dessert” on my lunch break as I type this really hit the spot! After a week of absolutely no sweet foods, fruit seems like the sweetest thing in the world, and a huge treat.

I will admit that I still drank Diet Pepsi, even though it’s probably considered a sweet and I shouldn’t have. The thing is, I am completely addicted to Diet Pepsi (with Diet Dr. Pepper coming in a close second), and I thought about leaving it out, but figured it would be setting myself up for failure to make that huge change at the same time. I’ve given up Diet Pepsi for weeks or months at a time before, and if people thought I was cranky with no sugar, they definitely don’t want to see me with no Diet Pepsi! Maybe I’ll do a challenge on this blog someday to give up pop, but I don’t see that happening any time soon.

I was actually scared to step on the scale this morning, sure that I didn’t lose any weight because of how poorly I’d eaten (I was just hoping I didn’t gain!), but I did actually drop a few pounds. I guess that just shows you how awful I was eating before, and just how much sugary food I consumed. I’m trying not to get too hung up on the weight, there are always fluctuations and if I don’t lose as much the second week I don’t want to get discouraged and let it derail me. And though I was obviously hoping to lose weight with this challenge, it’s more about retraining my taste buds and starting healthier habits that will make my life better for the long haul.

I made it out of week one alive, and it’s all downhill from here! This week I add in fruit, and bought a cart full of it yesterday at Dillons. I’m sure I will be much more pleasant to be around this week, so you’re welcome, friends and family.


2 comments on “Sugar Detox: Week One Update”

  1. Michele says:

    WOOT!!! I’m glad you survived week one! You got this.

  2. Tyler Dehn says:

    Your doing great!

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